What is involved in a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session?

Sessions are generally carried out sitting or lying fully clothed on a treatment table. The practitioner will make contact with their hands using a light, receptive touch.

This touch encourages the body to reveal patterns of experience and holding. These patterns are expressed as subtle motions within the tissues and fluids of the body. The practitioner is able to sense these motions and reflect the movement back to the body is such a subtle way that the body recognises the patterns it holds. Once this recognition occurs, the body is able to reorganise the way it works. This can allow deep and lasting transformation to occur. Symptoms may be alleviated, resulting in an increase in physical vitality and wellness.

The Consultation process

Upon arriving at the clinic, the client will be met by the therapist and taken into a clinic room. There are toys and books for children to use during a session. The therapist will take some notes about the client’s reason for visiting, any medical history which may be of help in understanding the case, and a general discussion on how the client is feeling.

The client then lies (fully clothed) on the treatment table, or sits in a chair if lying is not feasible. If the client is a baby, they are often held by their mum, dad or caregiver during the session. Young children enjoy having books read to them or playing with toys on the floor while being treated. Clients remain clothed but may be asked to remove their shoes or hair accessories such as hair bands.

The therapist will lightly place their hands on the client’s body. The most common places of contact are the head, back, sacrum (base of spine), shoulders and feet. Other parts of the body are contacted if needed. The therapist will tell the client where they would like to make contact and if this is ok.

The therapist will talk to the client about what they feel in the client’s system. Sometimes this is done throughout the session, and sometimes it is as a discussion at the end of the session. Clients are welcome to close their eyes and focus on their own thoughts and sensation within their body, or just simply relax and enjoy the session.

At the end of the session, the therapist will have a discussion with the client. This may include some self-help suggestions, what to expect after the session and if more sessions are recommended.

Treatment Times & Costs

Please note the following price increases effective from 1 June 2018

Please arrive 5 minutes before your initial appointment to allow time to fill out a case history form. Please advise the therapist if you would like them to do this on your behalf.

All First appointments (Excluding Pre-labour Check-up)

$90 (60 minutes). Please note the hourly rate is $100 and this initial session is discounted by $10.

Follow-up appointments- Adults

$90 (50 minutes)

Follow-up appointments- Babies & Children (10yrs and under)

$45 (30 minutes)

Pregnancy & Mothers with Babies

Pregnancy Pre-labour (45 minutes check up) $75
Mother & Baby (Both mother & Baby treated within 1 hour) $90

Parents Centre Members discount of $10 on all initial appointments.