Work, work, work and no fun? Does that sound familiar? Do you find yourself not sleeping properly
with a million things racing through your mind? Is your tolerance level as short as a fuse on a fire cracker?

Then maybe it’s time you treated yourself to some BCST sessions!

BCST works to calm the central nervous system. This allows the switch to turn off, letting your battery recharge. It also allows the adrenal glands to slow down, therefore production of adrenaline is reduced. This allows for better sleep, better digestion and a more relaxed sense within yourself. Blood pressure often levels out to more normal levels, your coping ability increases, as does your energy. Now you can start to enjoy the festive season!

Do you get anxious easily?

Life can feel a bit restrictive when you find yourself worrying about things that others take in their stride. BCST can help people suffering from anxiety by helping calm their nervous system and relax their respiratory system. This helps to release that tight chest and churning stomach which is often associated with anxiety attacks. BCST can offer a chance to overcome anxiety and enjoy life more.

Treat yourself to a BCST session and head into the festive season with energy & life!