Pain and stiffness in the joints can really limit someone’s ability to enjoy life. Even activities like taking a stroll down the road can be a difficult task.

Types of muscle & joint problems

Muscle-and-Joints-ShoulderMuscle stiffness and soreness can limit flexibility. Effects can be anything from making it difficult to tie your shoe laces, to really struggling to get out of bed. It doesn’t have to be this way. Through Craniosacral therapy, flexibility may increase, muscle strains release and pain decrease.

Possible causes

Common causes of joint pain range from arthritis, to ligament damage of the joint supports or capsules through accidents and injuries. Muscle pain is often associated with tears, accidents, sports injuries or conditions such as fi bromyalgia. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is also a common cause of muscle pain.

Possible causes

Muscle-and-Joints-KneeWhen someone has pain or stiffness, the body will naturally compensate for this and fi nd different ways of working around the injured or diseased area. This can result in a variety of muscle and movement imbalances. CST works with the whole body, so that when the affected tissues release and gain better health, the whole body experiences a better balance. The Therapist works with the muscles, facia, ligaments, bones and joints. The blood and nerve supply to the area are also addressed. Bringing attention to how these different body tissues relate to each other, helps changes to occur within the entire structure of the body. Clients notice an improvement in their original problem along with an increase in overall energy, as the body no longer has to use this energy to hold itself in contracted patterns.