Common Conditions seen at Inner Health

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for all ages and stages of life.

Trauma in the form of either long term (Chronic) illnesses as well as recent (Acute) illnesses are often seen in the Craniosacral Therapy clinic.

Business people often find great benefit in the stress release they get from sessions.
Cancer patients report that sessions have been a great support addition to their other treatments, helping with their strength to carry on, understand and to cope what is happening to them.

Sports injuries may respond well to this therapy, and people often gain better body awareness and alignment which may help reduce the chances of repeat or further injury.

The elderly often enjoy the relaxation aspects as well as the support and possible relief from some of their ailments.

Craniosacral Therapy is very well known for supporting the changes of pregnancy, labour preparation and as a means to support a woman’s body recover after birth.

Craniosacral Therapy has long been associated with babies. Many babies who show a variety of concerns such as settling, feeding, and digestive upsets (like reflux and colic) to ear infections have settled and changed after seeing a Craniosacral Therapist.

Many children respond favourably with Craniosacral Therapy, which may help them deal with a whole host of childhood conditions, along with specific issues such as autism and learning disabilities. Families are often seem together for sessions and this has many added benefits for the entire family unit.

The following is a list of some of the wide range of conditions which are seen in the Craniosacral Therapy Clinic.

  • Allergies
  • Babies- unsettled, pain, sleeping & feeding issues
  • Back and neck pain
  • Behavioural and developmental conditions
  • Birth trauma
  • Bone/ skeletal disorders
  • Breathing & respiratory disorders
  • Chronic Fatigue & exhaustion
  • Dental/jaw/TMJ trauma
  • Digestive & gut problems
  • Emotional & Trauma issues
  • Female reproductive issues
  • Head pain & head injuries
  • Hearing issues
  • Hormonal issues
  • Insomnia/Sleep disorders
  • Joint pain & disorders
  • Low immunity
  • Mental Health issues
  • Migraines
  • Muscle & tendon aches & pains
  • Nervous disorders
  • Nerve damage & Nerve pain
  • Postnatal depression
  • Sinusitis problems
  • Skin conditions
  • Sprains/Strains/Sports injuries
  • Stress
  • Visual problems


Physical trauma can be recent (Acute) or long term (Chronic). Craniosacral Therapy may be used with conditions and injuries from either category as is works with the body’s inherent wisdom to reset its balance and come to a healthier way of functioning. Craniosacral Therapy is very beneficial for acute trauma in that the therapy involves only a gentle, light touch with no manipulation involved and so is not painful to very recent injuries.

Emotional as well as physical trauma experiences can be held in the body’s tissue. This can result in a contracted pattern, which alters the way the body moves and functions. Craniosacral Therapy may work particularly well with these traumas, facilitating a safe resolution of shock and held experiences. It provides a powerful way into many conditions that have their origins in trauma, such as birth issues, accidents and illnesses. These changes can have a profound effect on the person’s relationship to themselves and how they relate to others.

Pregnancy, Mums & Babies & Families



Craniosacral Therapy may help a woman’s body adjust to the changes created by pregnancy and help her prepare for labour in a fully resourced condition. It can help her relax and ensure there is good pelvic alignment going into the birth.


Working with the Craniosacral system of mothers and babies postnatally may help recovery from the rigours of childbirth. It often helps the reorganisation of the mother’s body to a non-pregnant state, encourage bonding between mother and baby, calm mother’s systems down and gives them some time for attention to be focused on their needs as a mother.


Compressions and restrictions experienced during the birth process may lead to common infant problems such as colic, excessive crying, irritability, feeding and sleeping difficulties. Craniosacral therapy may relieve the compressions and restrictions, which then allows the baby to settle and heal. This often benefits the whole family as it reduces tension within the family dynamics. Some babies can react to immunisations and often mothers bring their infants in for post immunisation checks. Mother and baby are often treated in the same session.


Children are seen in the clinic for a variety of reasons, some being due to sleeping issues, behavioural and learning difficulties, post-immunisation checks, chronic illnesses (glue ear, persistent headaches, etc), injuries and general wellness checks. With very little children, they are often treated while playing with toys or being read books.
Teenagers may get a huge benefit from Craniosacral therapy during a time in their life when things can all seem rather unsettling. Apart from sports injuries, we see a lot of teens for growth pains, hormonal imbalances, stress, digestive disorders and learning issues. Teenagers find the light touch therapy, in a supportive environment is very calming on their nervous system and allows them to “chill out”.

The children often have sessions along with one or both parents. The family unit is treated at times to help interrelationships between the family and deal with issues that may be of a familial tendency.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a non-manipulative body-led, hands-on therapy. It works through the body’s ability to reorganize injured tissues, allowing health to be re-established. This helps to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort and reduces the chance of on-going dysfunction through body compensation. Recovery speed can often be shorter and clients notice an increase in base energy levels.

Beneficial for:

  • Strains and Sprains
  • Muscle tear recovery
  • Ligament injuries
  • Fracture recovery
  • Joint problems
  • Post exercise recovery
  • Body alignment
  • General wellbeing

Business People

“Craniosacral Therapy
is the great way to de-stress!

In today’s very busy world, it is very easy to slip into a life that involves being on the go all the time. With so much technology to keep us contactable at all times, it’s no wonder our bodies start to feel sluggish and tired and just want a break from it all. Craniosacral Therapy can offer a safe haven form all the goings on of the world. The environment is supportive, quiet and calming. Craniosacral Thearpy can work wonders on unraveling an over active nervous system. When a Nervous system is constantly in stress, people start to notice other systems such as sleeping issues, poor bowel function, low energy levels, eye disturbances, digestive disorders, and the list goes on. Having regular Craniosacral Therapy sessions is one way business people can stay on top of their game. It can help give the client the resources, balance and energy to cope much better with what their work and life throws at them.

The Elderly

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle touch therapy which offers a supportive environment for people in their latter years. Often, as the body ages, it can get stiff or sore and starts to ‘play up’. Craniosacral Therapy helps to support the changes within the body in a way which involves no manipulation. Due to the gentle nature of Craniosacral Therapy, it is ideal for treating fragile conditions. It may not be possible to experience a full resolution of the issue, due to the structural changes which occur within the body with age, but Craniosacral Therapy may offer some relief from pain and discomfort. Client often find they can sleep better and cope more easily with physical and emotional situations after they have had Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Cancer Patients

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy offers a way for cancer patients to experience a calm, supportive environment in which to deal with their disease process and cancer treatments. While Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy does not claim to treat cancer, the effects of treatment can be felt as an integrating calming effect on the client’s central nervous system. Being in a quiet, non-invasive therapeutic surrounding can help the client to gather themselves for the next task ahead, whatever that may be.

Many client’s report that not only do they feel more relaxed and able to think clearer after a session, but that they sleep better and their energy levels rise, making it easier to cope with some of their cancer treatments, along with the emotional highs and lows that they go through.

Angela Wheeler worked for at the South Auckland Hospice Team where she was a bereavement volunteer for over 5 years. This has given Angela a deeper understanding of terminal illnesses and compassion for the client’s she sees and their families, in her Craniosacral Therapy practice.