2703, 2012

Inner Health BCST video

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Find out about Inner Health and the benefits of BCST on this short video.

2703, 2012

Pain explained

By |March 27th, 2012|Categories: Central Nervous System, Fibromyalgia, Joint Problems, Muscle Problems, Pain, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Sports Injury|Comments Off on Pain explained

Here is a link to a very simple video on what pain is. 'Pain is 100%, all the time, produced by the brain'

1503, 2012

Pregnancy & Childhood Health

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BCST can help a woman’s body cope with the changes of pregnancy and in preparation for labour and delivery. BCST can help prepare the woman’s body for labour by optimising [...]

103, 2012

Muscle and joint problems

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Pain and stiffness in the joints can really limit someone’s ability to enjoy life. Even activities like taking a stroll down the road can be a difficult task. Types of [...]

1112, 2011

Stress & Anxiety

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Work, work, work and no fun? Does that sound familiar? Do you find yourself not sleeping properly with a million things racing through your mind? Is your tolerance level as [...]